Mapping Real Estate

Create interactive real estate maps in an instant with Showmymap. In just a few short steps, you can transform your data into a map that makes both buying and selling real estate easier than ever.

Intelligent Mapping Tool

Map sales, listings, or other properties with Showmymap’s intelligent mapping tool which automatically scans data and creates a map in a flash. All you need is an address to create a map, but with Showmymap’s intelligent mapping tool you can easily group properties by characteristics such as price, square footage, etc. 

Just copy your data and paste it into our intelligent mapping tool and it takes care of the rest.

Listings/Broker Listings

With just an address for each listing, you can quickly visualize your listings or brokerage listings on a map. This is very helpful for listing agents or brokers who would want to view their listings in one place. ShowMyMap can also break down the map into specific features that will show on each listing on the map, as well as group listings with the map grouping tool. If you haven’t already, create a spreadsheet with your data, then paste it into ShowMyMap’s intelligent mapping tool.

Sharing Listings

ShowMyMap makes sharing listings for buyer’s agents simple. After creating your map with the intelligent mapping tool, use our auto-generated URL to share it with potential customers or other agents. 

Potential customers will be able to filter the maps based on their features of interest and gain a deeper insight into the listings. You can also easily create a map of houses that have and haven’t been seen to make things easier for you and the customer. 

Moreover, ShowMyMap makes sharing and showing your maps on websites incredibly easy with the unique embedding tool. Add, edit, and remove maps like a pro and create a website that stands out.


Home buying isn’t easy. It takes countless hours of effort, research, and organization to find homes that meet your needs. Let Showmymap make the process much easier by creating a comprehensive, organized, and appealing map from all the data gathered. Maps can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Mapping Sales

“Comps” are comparable properties that have been sold recently. Agents and customers will want to compare similar properties before making an offer or putting a home on the market. Recent sales and accompanying features can be mapped in a flash with the intelligent mapping tool. This map can be easily updated and shared, making the entire process easier than ever.

Making Data Easy

The beauty of Showmymap is that while all you need to make a map is an address, you can create a truly insightful and powerful map with our tools. Any desired feature or characteristic can be added to filter and group listings to perfection. 

Make gathering and viewing real estate data easy with Showmymap.