Map Real Estate for Your Customers

Showmymap makes it super easy for you to create an interactive real estate map from a group of listings, sales or properties. An interactive map makes your job easy as a real estate agent when pitching your properties listed for sales to your prospect(s).

With Showmymap, you are only a few clicks away from transforming your data (property’s listing) into an interactive visual map.

Map Open Houses, Rental Properties, Recent Sales, Comps

Showmymap intelligent mapping tool automatically scan your data first for your property addresses then add other additional data which are indexed and also used to populate the field in your marker box. You get to index properties using important attributes such as:

  • Listing agent
  • Property address
  • Listed price
  • Square footage
  • Year built
  • Annual taxes
  • Photo of property
  • Link to property website

Mapping your real estate listings with Showmymap is as simple as copying your listing data from a spreadsheet or database and pasting it into our location data box.

Listing Agents or Brokers

Easily create an interactive map to visualize your listing(s) or that of your brokerage firm in a single place. As far as each listing has an address, you can count on Showmymap to get the rest done for you. You can also add more data to your map (if you want) such as sales price, home features, landmarks, and so on, all of which will be included in each Marker Box. There’s also the map grouping feature, which you can use to filter the listings on your map based on certain attributes or elements which are present in your data.

Gather your data in a CSV, Excel (XLS or XLSX) or other spreadsheet, then copy and paste it into Showmymap location data box tool to create your map.

Buyer’s Agents

You do not only get to visualize your listings using Showmymap but also share your creation (map) with others, e.g., potential customers or agents. Use the map embedding feature in Showmymap to include the map containing your listing on your website easily. Your map will automatically be updated every time you update your map, which means you don’t need to keep paying a web developer for every slight change or modification to your map data.

You can use the Showmymap tool to prepare a customized map with selected properties for your clients to view and consider. The Showmymap mapping tool plots each listing by its provided address and allows your prospect to filter the list based on other attributes such as a price of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or year built, etc.

To create a map, export your selected listings (of interest) to a CSV or Excel file (XLS or XLSX). Copy the content from your location data and paste it into our location data box tool. And that’s it!

Map Houses for Sale

There’s a high probability that during your search for a home to buy, you would have come across some properties that pique your interest. With Showmymap, you can easily map all these properties and visualize them on your screen, check the distances between each location from your current location or work, and so on. This can help you make a better choice. Moreover, you can share your created map with others for their inputs and suggestions.

Map Recent Sales for Comparable Properties

Whether you’re selling or buying a home, comparing similar properties with their prices (especially those that have been sold) helps to determine the value for which a house should be sold or bought. Showmymap makes it easy to compare properties as all you need to do is copy and paste.

Working with Real Estate Data

You don’t need to have a complex or voluminous real estate data for you to create your first map. The minimum data needed to create a map using Showmymap is a listing address. Have this, and you’re ready to go.  

However, if you have more data than just a listing address, you get to use the grouping feature and get to explore more insights from your map.