Mobile optimized Maps with GPS Locator

Maps are one of the most amazing companions you can have by your side whenever you’re on the move. At  Showmymap, we’ve put in a lot of effort to ensure any map you create is automatically optimized for mobile use and responsive on any screen you view your map on. This means you can view your generated map on any screen of your choice – laptop, tablet, smartphones, desktops, etc.

Showmymap has been tested and confirmed to be working on these mobile platforms:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Blackberry

We will keep striving to ensure our service works on all mobile platform and our (potential) customers including you enjoy our service on your device conveniently without having to change your device.

Try Our Mobile Maps for Yourself

The only way to appreciate our mobile maps is to view it in action, and what better way is there to do that than you creating one for yourself. Still in doubts, if you’d ever use our maps on a mobile device? Why don’t you view one of the sample maps on your mobile device? The map below shows various US National Parks.

It would be hard to tell the difference between using a native app and viewing a map from our website due to the optimization and responsiveness of our site to ensure great usability. The panning and zooming features integrated into the map also makes it look much like you’re using a native app whereas you aren’t.

Easily Share Your Maps With Your Team

Love the way your map is rendered on your mobile device, and you’d love to share your map with others? No problem.

Sharing your mobile maps is quite easy as all you need is to locate the web address of the map you’re viewing. (
Showmymap uses the same web address for both mobile and non-mobile version of your map)

Copy the URL from the address location bar on your browser. For example, the link address for the map of the US National Parks is­parks

Paste that URL in an email or text message to your friends, colleagues, business partner, prospect, and so on. You can also paste the link on your social media account to share with your followers and friends.

That’s it! Sharing made easy.