How to Find or Enter Latitude & Longitude on a Google Map.

You can search and locate any place in the world provided you have its latitude and longitude GPS coordinates. You can also find the map coordinates of a place of interest easily on Google Maps provided you have its address.

How To Enter Coordinates To Find A Place

On your web browser, visit Google Maps.

In the search box at the top left corner of your Google Map screen, enter your latitude and longitude using any of the acceptable formats below;

  • Decimal degrees (DD): 44.40338, 5.17403
  • Degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS): 44°24’12.2″N 5°10’26.5″E
  • Degrees and decimal minutes (DMM): 44 24.2028, 5 10.4418

Click on the magnifying glass button beside the search box. A red pin will appear on the exact location on the map pointed to by the GPS coordinates you’ve entered.

How To Get The Coordinates Of A Place

On your web browser, open Google Maps.

(Note: If you’re using Maps in Lite mode, you won’t be able to get the coordinates of a place.)

Right-click on the place or area of interest on the map.

Click on What’s here?

A box containing the information about the place you selected will appear. Located at the bottom, are the map coordinates.

Tips for Formatting Your Coordinates

  • Use the degree symbol instead of “d.”
  • Use periods (.) as decimals, not commas. Incorrect format: 41,40338, 2,17403. Correct format: 41.40338, 2.17403.
  • Your latitude coordinates should come first before your longitude coordinates.
  • Your latitude coordinate should be between the values of -90 and 90, and your longitude coordinate should be between the values of -180 and 180.

Creating a Google Map Listing Many Locations

Manually creating a map with GPS coordinates using Google Maps API can be a difficult task especially when you have hundreds to thousands of coordinates to work with, which is why our tool was designed to make it easier without having to go through the stress you would have otherwise gone through.  

We provide the easy way out. Using our mapping tool, all you have to do is simply copy from a spreadsheet containing your mapping data and paste it in our location data box to create a map that you can view online, embed in your website, and share with others.