Update Your ShowMyMap Interactive Map Any Time

Another great feature of using ShowMyMap’s map creation technology is that it also enables you to easily make changes or updates to your map at any time!

  • Use ShowMyMap’s map editing function to edit and update your saved map’s data; or
  • Copy data from your updated spreadsheet and paste it onto ShowMyMap’s map editing screen. 

When you create your interactive map through ShowMyMap, you will be sent a unique link to your email which you can also use to access your map for editing purposes. If you have trouble finding the link, just go to our help page and use the “Retrieve Map Links” tool.

Steps To Edit And Update Your Map

  1. Copy the link to your map sent to your email and paste it on a browser window. 
  2. Scroll down to find the section that says “Edit Map Data.”
  3. Copy your saved map’s previous data and paste it into a spreadsheet. 
  4. Make the necessary changes to the data. Take note that if you need to reorder columns, you will have to make use of advanced options. 
  5. Copy and paste the updated data back into the “Edit Map Data” box. 
  6. Save your updated map.

Tips On Keeping Your Data Safe And Up-To-Date

  • Make all your changes or updates on your original or a new spreadsheet. This way, you’ll always have a saved copy of all your current map data that you can access even offline. It will also make it easier and faster to update your map on ShowMyMap. 
  • Keeping your map data updated on ShowMyMap also provides you with an online backup copy of your most recent map data. All the data you input when you generate a map and every time you make changes to it is automatically stored in ShowMyMap’s servers. You can access your map’s data on ShowMyMap any time you need it, and especially if you are unable to access your offline copy. 
  • You should also consider using an online spreadsheet to store and make updates to your map data. Google spreadsheet, for example, provides better guarantee that your files are safely stored and easily accessible through any device.

FAQs On Updating Your Map

How Do You Update Or Add New Data?

The best way to add or update your data is to copy it first from ShowMyMap’s Edit Map Data box and then paste it into a spreadsheet where you will make the necessary changes. And then you can simply copy the updated data on the spreadsheet and paste it back into the Edit Map Data box. Keep in mind that you will be overwriting the existing data in the Edit Map Data box when you paste new data inside, so make sure you always have a backup copy of your most recent data.

How Do You Delete Map Data?

Again, the easiest and safest way to make any changes to your map, including deleting data, is to copy the existing data from the Edit Map Data box and then paste it into a spreadsheet. You can then proceed with deleting the specific data from the spreadsheet. When you’re done, simply copy and paste the updated data back into the Edit Map Data box. Making all changes on a spreadsheet keeps the integrity of your data intact. 

After pasting, click on the “Update” button. If there are markers that should no longer appear on the map, just click on each one and the corresponding marker box will appear. Find the “-” on the upper right corner of the marker box and click on it to delete the marker.

How Do You Reorder Map Data?
  • If you want to change the order of data inside the marker box as it appears on your map display, you will have to make the necessary changes in your spreadsheet. Take note that spreadsheet column data from left to right are displayed in the marker box from top to bottom. If you need to change the position of data listed in the marker box, i.e. move something higher or lower, you will have to shift their positions in the columns in your spreadsheet. 
  • If your marker data appears below the map, you can change their order in your current spreadsheet by sorting the rows as needed, e.g. alphabetically or by ascending values. And then copy the updated data, including the header row, and paste it back into the Edit Map Data box. Take note that how your data rows in your spreadsheet are ordered determine the order of your data labels. 

Any time you make any changes to your map using ShowMyMap’s editing function, don’t forget to click on the “Update” button once you’re done!

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