How to Edit Saved Map Data

Our location data box interface as you’d have noticed is designed to make not just the creation of map easy but also make its editing and updating it easier. You can conveniently edit and update your data directly from our map editing screen or paste a copied data from an updated spreadsheet into our map editing screen.

How To Manage Your Map Data

For you to edit a map you created, you need to use the unique link sent to your mail during the process of saving your map. Just look for an email from Showmymap that uses the title of your map as the subject line. Once you get the link, copy it and paste it in an address bar on your web browser to access and edit your map.

Note: In an occasion where you can’t find your link, you can make use of the retrieve map links tool on our help page.

The video above provides you with all the details you need to edit your map data. It’s as easy as these four steps:


  • Scroll down to locate the “Edit Map Data” Section.
  • Copy the data from the box and paste it into a spreadsheet editor.
  • Modify the spreadsheet data to suit your needs.  
  • Copy the revised data from the spreadsheet editor and paste it back into the “Edit Map Data” box.

Save your new edited map directly, and you’re done.  In scenarios such as trying to reorder the columns, you might want to ensure that the advanced options match your expectations.  

Tips For Updating and Keeping Your Data Safe.

Always Update Your Spreadsheet First:

Whenever you want to make a change to your map data, we recommend you start the modification from your spreadsheet. After updating your spreadsheet, then copy the updated data into the “Edit Map” section on Showmymap. This help ensures the integrity of your data and also help you store a copy of your data offline, which could serve as a backup that can be used for other purposes.

Use Showmymap as a Form of Online Backup Spreadsheet:

Showmymap can be used as a sort of backup as your data is automatically stored on our server, which can be easily retrieved from the Edit Map Data section until you delete it.

The best way to leverage this unique feature provided by Showmymap is to ensure you regularly update your map data on our server. This way, you can always retrieve a recent, updated copy of your data should you lose your offline copy or need to access your data from another system where you have no access to your offline copy.

Consider Using an Online Spreadsheet:

Using an online spreadsheet such as Google sheet is an awesome way of ensuring your data is always available and can be accessed anywhere and any time of the day with an internet-enabled device. It also makes collaboration easier. As your data is not stored on your local storage, you’re safe from losing your data from theft.

On Updating Your Map…

How to Add New Data To Your Map.

Existing data in the Edit Map Data box will be overwritten should you paste a new data inside the box. Hence, it’s advisable you copy the data first and paste it into a spreadsheet editor. A spreadsheet editor makes it easy and stress-free to update your map data, after which you can copy the updated data from your spreadsheet into the “Edit Map” section.

How to Delete (or Remove) Some Data From Your Map

We know they would always be a time when you would need to remove some of your existing data from your map due to relevancy or other reasons. Here’s our recommended way to remove any data you don’t want from your map:  

(Note: Rather than deleting any part of your data directly on the Edit Map Section, we recommend you copy your data into a spreadsheet and perform your deletion there as it safer and easier).

Find the spreadsheet that contains the map data you want to remove.

Once you find it, update the spreadsheet by deleting the rows or columns you no longer need.

Copy the newly updated spreadsheet (including the header rows) and paste it into the Edit Map Data box section.

To delete (remove) any individual marker you don’t want to appear beside the map; you need to update the map data by clicking on the update button after copying the newly updated data into the Edit Map data box. When the newly updated map appears, just click the markets you don’t want any longer. The marker box will appear with the market data. You will find the “-“ button in the upper right of the marker box. Click conform to delete.

How to Reorder the Data in Your Map

Don’t like the order in which your marker box displays its information? Here’s how to change it.

How To Change The Order Of Data In The Marker Box

To change the order in which the marker box on your map display information, you need to change the order of the columns in your spreadsheet. The order in which the data are displayed in the marker box is determined by the position of the data columns in your spreadsheet.

The marker box read data from the left column to the right column and display them from top to bottom. For example, let’s say the marker box on your map displays the following details of a business store – Latitude and Longitude, Height, Area, and Country. But you want the box to show the country first, followed by other details, then this means that you’ll have to shift the position of the column containing the country data from the right to the first left. It’s that easy!

How To Change The Order Of The Marker Data Below Your Map

For maps that have their marker data below them, changing the order in which the marker data appear is quite simple.  The order in which your marker is displayed is determined by the way your row is ordered in the original spreadsheet (the one you use in creating your map).  

Use the sort functionality in your spreadsheet to sort your data alphabetically, or by any other value, then copy the updated content (plus the header row) into the Edit Map Data Box.  

Note: the order of your data labels is determined by the way your data is ordered.

Once you have your data in the order you want, you can create a new map that displays the information you want the way you want. Create your first map here.