The Proximity and Map Radius Tool

The Proximity and Map Radius Tool is a unique tool that allows you to determine or estimate the distance (miles /km) of other locations from a point within a radius circle. With the mapping radius tool, you can easily run a proximity analysis on a segment of your location data. This tool comes in real handy when you want to determine where certain points on your map lie, the distance between two points on your map, and seeing the number of points on your map with respect to the distance increment.

With this unique tool, getting a beautifully simple and easy-to-understand visualization of your location data is quite easy.


Build A Radius Circle around a Location:

Easily create a distance radius circle around a location of your choice. All you have to do is pick a point which you will use as your starting location marker, set your proximity distance, and that’s it!  You can further customize the map if you so desire.

Real-time Distance Adjustment and Color Modification:

The proximity tools allow you to make a real-time adjustment to the distance you initially set. You can also pick a color for your radius to make it stand out and easily viewable to others.

Appearance (Data) Customization:

after creating your distance radius, you can further customize the popups that appear within the circle. This is quite useful when you have multiple radius circles on your map, and you want a way of quickly identifying or categorizing the location data captured within your circles.

One-Click Export:

Easily export your location data within your radius circle into an XLS or CSV file. You can do this conveniently with as little as a single click.