How To Perform A Batch Geolocation of IP Addresses

While geolocation and geocoding are related in some ways, they sure aren’t the same thing and shouldn’t be confused with each other. Geocoding involves assigning a map coordinates – latitude and longitude to an address, city or a description of a place.
Geolocation, on the other hand, is a little bit different than that as it involves the identification or estimation of an object location or its owner by based on its position on the earth, which is derived via its hardware functions such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,


What Is IP Geolocation?

IP Geolocation is the identification of an object or device geographic location with the aid of an IP address. According to, it is also the extrapolation of an object location and other identifying data based on the IP addresses used by the object.

The results you get from IP geolocation helps give an approximate location of a device, usually to the city level. IP geolocation can be used to manage web traffic, promote local content, and provide localized adverts and so on. You can use IP Geolocation to visualize the location of your online visitors, which can be segmented and used for marketing or research purposes.

How Does IP Geolocation Works

IP Geolocation is a technology that uses the data (mostly IP address data) collected from any of your internet-enabled device(s), which is cross-referenced with a database to identify or describe your physical location. 

When it comes to IP geolocation, two types of data are mainly collected and cross-referenced against each other to help you get the most accurate result. The data include – (1) information generated from your device and (2) Database containing IP address data sources mapped with locations. 

How To Map and Visualize Your Web Visitor’s Data using BatchGeo

With BatchGeo, it’s quite easy to visualize your website visitor data by mapping the multiple IP addresses from your website logs using our batch interface.
Just open your website visitor logs in any spreadsheet of your choices such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Spreadsheets. (Note: You might have to enter your IP address on a separate column depending on your web server).
Copy and paste the addresses and other associated data into BatchGeo Map creator box.

You’ll find the map generated for you from our robust engine to be far more accurate and interactive than what you’d found using Google Analytic and similar platforms.

Additionally, our flexible interface allows you to arrange and display your data in a various number of ways on the map. You can either keep the map generated for you on our server (hosted for free) or export the data to a Google Earth KML file if you prefer to have an offline copy with you.

Geolocation Data Returned

BatchGeo uses the Geolocation API of a reliable, trusted IP information web service to get the following data from your IP addresses which are used to plot a map for you: Country, Region, City Name, Zip / Postal Code, Latitude and Longitude etc.