How To Embed A Google Map Store Locator Into Your Site Using BatchGeo

We make it super easy for you to embed a Google Map store locator inside your website using our store locator tool. The store locator helps create a map of your locations which users of your site can use to search for businesses or stores nearest to them.


Why Use Our Store Locators?

Our store locators have all the features your customer need, including:

Location Search: Easily search for businesses location nearest to you using postal code or an address.

Mobile friendly: Our store locators works just as great on your mobile device as they do on your computer. They have been optimized to function and appear properly on your mobile devices.

Seamless Integration: the process of embedding our store locators with your website is simple and easy.

How To Embed Your Store Locator To Your Website?

Embedding a store locator into your site for your online web visitors to use is quite easy.

Following are the steps you need to get yourself a map with a store locator on your website

  • Open the spreadsheet you saved your location data
  • Select and copy all of the content inside
  • Go to batchgeo.comand paste the copied content into the box provided on the BatchGeo homepage to create a map. (you will find a more in-depth walkthrough of creating a map in our excel support section)
  • Edit the map to access the embed code provided or check your email for the embed code after saving the email (this option is only available to you should you provide an email address).
  • And that’s all it’s required of you to integrate your map with a store locator on your website.

The Store Locator Search Box

Any map generated by the BatchGeo store locator generator can be searched from its map interface (unless disabled). However, there are occasions when you want to embed a search box outside of the map generated. For example, let’s say you want to make your locator search on every page of your website, regardless of having or not having an embed map present.

Geolocation Data Returned

BatchGeo uses the Geolocation API of a reliable, trusted IP information web service to get the following data from your IP addresses which are used to plot a map for you: Country, Region, City Name, Zip / Postal Code, Latitude and Longitude etc.

How to get the code for your search box

To get the locator code (basically an HTML snippet containing a form that sends search text directly to your BatchGeo map) for your search box, all you have to do is to edit your map to have access to and retrieve the “locator code.”