Create Map Badges Easily

One of the features built into our mapping tool by our technical team is the ability to create a locator map badge for your web site. You see, map badges are to maps what thumbnails are to images.

A map badge is a smaller version of a map in the form of an image that gives users a quick preview of your map. It also allows you to view the full map usually by clicking on it.  

Map badges are one of the coolest (yet simple) ways of displaying a map on your website without it taking a large chunk of your space. A map badge is an excellent tool that can help you tell a story and provide a visual cue to your user.

Our map badge, just as the full map version, is quite easy to interact with. They also load faster as they make use of Google’s Static Image service, so you know they are reliable.

To view a full map, all you have to do is click on the map badge, which will open a full Google map which you can interact and navigate.

How To Create a Map Badge

(Note: You need to have created a map before you can use the map badge feature.)

  • Go to your inbox and locate the email that has the map title you want to create a badge for as your subject line. (BatchGeo sends an email to your inbox containing links to edit or share your map for every map you create and save with your email address)
  • Click on the email and find the “map badge” code section.
  • Copy the code for creating a map badge and paste it on your web page.
  • That’s it. You are done.