Mapping Tools To Give You A Journalistic Edge

In today’s era of online journalism, readers are not just looking for relevant and timely written content; visual content that reinforces specific and overall information of a journalistic piece is also used for greater appeal, to draw more viewers, and encourage more likes and shares. To have a journalistic edge, it’s not enough to be the first to break the news; you also need to provide a unique and in-depth insight into the piece. 

ShowMyMap’s smart and convenient mapping tools can give you that journalistic edge. Why provide just flat images along with your written content when you can strengthen your information with an interactive map that your readers can also manipulate for a more immersive reading experience!

Go beyond the click-bait trend and guarantee that your readers actually stay on the page once they get there. A great headline captures the attention and makes readers click; meaty and relevant content piques their curiosity; and adds to these a beautifully done and interactive map and you’ll have a higher number of engagements on your website, as well as on multiple platforms. 

ShowMyMap’s interactive maps are automatically hosted on our servers so you can easily access your saved maps whenever you need to update them. They are also shareable and user-friendly on any device. 

As the popular quote says, “Work smarter, not harder.” As a journalist, you have to work hard for a story; but you should also be smart and take advantage of the tools available to make your story stand out!

Don’t Just Tell A Story; Tell A Great Story

Journalists are storytellers, too and they tell it to you straight. As a journalist, your job is to inform readers, to relay the facts as they unravel. 

With ShowMyMap’s interactive and customizable maps, you can provide valuable facts in a creative way. Instead of getting lost in the homogeneity of black and white text, relevant information can stand out through uncluttered imagery and effectively get the meat of your article across more clearly. 

 Use our smart mapping tools to unlock the real potential within your story. Especially when your piece contains locations and statistics tied into these locations, ShowMyMap’s various analytical features can help you highlight these valuable and otherwise “boring” data through an interactive map.

Add Appeal And Value To Your Data-Driven Piece

Today’s internet technologies allow for incredible ease of access to virtually any information; unfortunately, a lot of the information on the internet is not reliable, much less factual. Valuable and valid data, therefore, is a highly-priced commodity in the current journalistic environment. 

Whether your target audience is the average reader or an expert who values analytics, you can make your data-driven piece more appealing and factually relevant when you supplement it with a smart map. ShowMyMap can perform the analytics for you and represent your data creatively and accurately.

A Story Within A Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. This is exactly what ShowMyMap’s interactive maps achieve – representing a thousand words in a picture. 

You can help your readers better appreciate and absorb the most relevant data within your story when you present them through interactive imagery. When you create a map using ShowMyMap’s tools, you provide your readers with more than just lines, coordinates, and locations they can visualize; you give them an immersive experience. They do not just get to visualize information.

ShowMyMap’s tools allow you to work with practically any geographic data and other related information so you can generate and customize your map to suit your purposes. 

ShowMyMap Gives Your Readers Different Perspectives

Your interactive map gives your readers the ability to view your story from different points of view – literally and figuratively. Use any of our customizing tools – such as grouping and clustering – to help your readers discover amazing and useful insights. 

Other maps only allow clickable markers to reveal additional information. ShowMyMap’s interactive maps give readers some degree of control over what they can see and explore. 

Create your own map today and give your story a unique twist to make it stand out!

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