Mapping Tools For Effective Journalism

It’s no secret and a no-brainer that in journalism, anyone who gets to unravel a secret first and break it to the population takes all the glory and the accolades. BatchGeo is quite popular in the journalism world for this reason alone.

Our tool allows you to work with various data formats quickly without difficulty. With BatchGeo, you can easily extrapolate information and gain interesting insights from even the most boring data.

We help you transform and visualize your spreadsheet data into a beautiful map that provides you with lots of insight, which you can easily share with others. Your created map is automatically hosted on our servers and can be updated at any point in time.

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Here are a few examples of maps generated using our robust mapping tool.

It’s a fast way to make it look like you did a whole bunch of work, and that’s never a bad thing.” – Lifehacker.

Our Map Helps You Tell A Great Story

As a journalist, your job is not just to break a story to your readers but to unravel the truth or facts behind it. It is also your job to ensure your audience are well informed and gets the full gist behind every published story.

BatchGeo tools help you tell your story in a creative way and visualize data in an easy-to-understand manner. Our tool can help you connect the dots easily which can help you unravel useful facts and insights that would have been hidden by just staring at your spreadsheet data.


We strongly believe as with other journalists who make use of data analytics in the power of a map to help unlock geographic data from the shackles of spreadsheets. You see, while a spreadsheet can make editing, updating or storing your data easy and even help you carry out various analytics, it just can’t compete with a mapping tool such as BatchGeo when your data contains locations or places.

Do you have some data stored in Excel or any other spreadsheet that has been gathering dust? Let BatchGeo help you make sense out of it.

Maps Extend Data-driven Journalism

Data-driven journalism has never been waxing strong, and much needed the way it is currently. More investments are being made by Major news outlets as every publication that knows its onions is now discovering the impact and benefit of data analytics in unraveling mysteries and getting new stories to tell their readers.

We now have big newspaper firms having a department or personnel in charge of data analytics or a data journalist with a focus on searching and telling stories with data.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We all can agree that a single picture can tell and convey more information than words can. Now, imagine having an interactive picture to work with. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is an interactive image worth?

Human, as various researches have shown or indicated, prefers pictures or images to words as our brains process visual content such as images faster than text.  

Visualizing a data makes it easy to comprehend and what best way is there to visualize a geographic data than turn it into a map, huh? Our tool makes it super easy to create a map without any difficulty. What’s more, no coding knowledge is required whatsoever.

Everyone loves visuals as it’s easy to assimilate

BatchGeo is quite flexible and can work with virtually any geographic data available.  With BatchGeo, you can easily geocode addresses, city names, addresses, zip codes, landmarks, neighborhoods, or even map coordinates.

BatchGeo Takes Your Story a Step Further With Your Readers

With interactive maps, your readers get to view your story from more than an angle. Add our powerful data grouping feature to a robust interactive map and you have an amazing insight waiting to be discovered.


Unique maps go beyond ordinarily clicking markers to view the data beneath it. Our interactive map can help your readers connect their dot on their own, allowing them to discover new angles.

Start mapping today. Get some data and use our tool to gain more insights.