How to Map Location Data With BatchGeo Using Excel

BatchGeo makes creating a map out of your location data (addresses, zip codes, cities, states, and other relevant descriptive data) from Excel and other kinds of spreadsheets easy and simple.  With BatchGeo, you can easily generate a visual map of places that are of interest to you, which you can share with others – your friends and families, business partners, prospects, and online web visitors, etc.


How To Generate a Map From Excel or other Spreadsheet

Turning the data from your excel or spreadsheet into a visual geographic map is quite easy with BatchGeo. For the record, you only need to populate a single column in your spreadsheet with your location data (which could be in the form of zip codes, city names, addresses, etc.) to generate your map. However, the more columns you have filled up with various kinds of location data, the better and user-friendly it is for others to use.

Steps to creating a Map from your Excel Spreadsheet
  • Open the spreadsheet containing the data you want to generate a map for.
  • Copy all the relevant data from your spreadsheet by first selecting all the data using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+A or Cmd +A), then copy it all using the shortcut (Ctrl + C or Cmd + C)
  • Minimize your spreadsheet and visit “” with your web browser  
  • Click on the location data box provided and paste your copied data inside it using (Ctrl + V) or (Cmd + V).
  • Validate the correctness of the data inputted in each location box columns by using the “Validate and Set Options” button.
  • Click the “Make Map” button after validating your data to start geocoding your location data after which you’re presented with a visual map of your data.

Once you have your map generated for you, click on the “Save and Continue” button if you’d like to keep it. Give your map a name and a description by inserting a name in the title box followed by some descriptive words (optional) in the description box.

Click on the “Save Map” button to have your map sent to your mailbox.

How to View and Share your Just Created Map with Others

Sharing your map for others to see or use is quite simple with BatchGeo. The email address you entered during the process of saving your map contains everything you need to share your maps with others.

In the email sent to you, you’ll find a link address to the map you generated, which you can copy and share with others via emails, social media posts, instant messaging, scribbling on a paper, and so on.

You’ll also find an HTML snippet code for embedding an interactive map on your website, which you can share with your site users to view.

For those who are familiar with Google Earth, you can also view your map in Google Earth using the KML file version of the map you generated.