Make Interactive Maps without Writing A Single Line of Code

As with doing anything in life, there’s always the hard way of doing things, and of course, the easy way. Unfortunately, a majority of the people chose the former, not because they prefer it but because they usually don’t know about the easy way out.

The same can be said for creating an interactive map. You have the option of following the popular way, which unfortunately is the hard way – involves spending days learning and coding in JavaScript and other programming languages. Well, you also have the easy way out, which only requires you to populate our location data box with your data to create your map for you.

Whether you have some programming knowledge or not, the advantage you get from using BatchGeo for your mapping needs cannot be underestimated.

BatchGeo drastically reduces the time you’d have otherwise spend looking up syntax and debugging interactivity issues associated with creating your map as everything has been taken care of for you. BatchGeo offers a lot of advantages to those who have no programming knowledge whatsoever, and for those who aren’t a stranger to coding and love getting their hands messy,


Creating (or Generating Your Map)

The Hard Way to Creating an Interactive Map

This involves getting your hands dirty. You will need to know a bit of MySql, PHP, XML, and JavaScript to create a functional map which satisfies all of your interactions need.

Here are the basic steps used in creating an interactive map (the hard way) –

  • Put your address data into a database management system such as MySQL.
  • Manually convert the addresses into coordinates or run the addresses through an online geocoder such as the Google Maps JavaScript API.
  • Update the database with the coordinates generated.
  • Write some JavaScript to call up the Google Maps API to start drawing your address points.

Should you need to update your map in the future, you might have to create an editing interface for your data.

The following basic steps outlined above will help you create a basic map. However, any attempt to make any changes to your map might require you to write additional codes, all of which takes time and effort.

The Easy Way to Making an Interactive Map

If you’re satisfied with generating a map without having to take an online programming course or search endlessly for answers on coding forums to get a decent functional map, you will find BatchGeo to be a lifesaver.

Here’s how to generate your map using BatchGeo

  • Go to
  • Paste your data into the locator data box field provided.
  • Click the button “Map Now” to generate a map of your data.
  • Give your map a title, a description then save your map.
  • And that’s all there is to it to create an interactive map.

BatchGeo also allows you to easily and conveniently edit your maps whenever you want.  Now, which one seems more convenient and simple to you?  

You see, except you’re trying to build a new service around a map view or create a complex map that requires customized interactions or services with your website, you’re better off using a map creation tool like BatchGeo.