Batch Map Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

We believe in comfort and simplicity, which is why our tool was designed with those factors in mind. The Showmymap tool can easily help you map tens, hundreds and even thousands of map coordinates easily following just this really simple steps.

The Three Simple Steps To Mapping Your Location Data

  • Open the spreadsheet containing your map coordinates and copy the data within.  
  • Paste the copied data into the location data box on the Showmymap homepage.
  • Click on the “Map Now” button. (You can also use the “Set and Validate Option” button to ensure that each data passed to a data column is appropriate and correct)

That’s it! No more, no less.

Map Coordinate Data Formats

As Decimal Degrees.

Your location data in decimal degrees format is the most common type of coordinate data you’d ever see.

You can paste the coordinates directly into our tool. However, do ensure that you use two separate columns for filling both latitude and longitude values.

Coordinates in decimals degree typically look like this: 44.4604788, ­110.8281375

You can have your coordinates pairs to have a positive or negative values depending on the hemisphere of the coordinates. You should always enter your latitude value first before your longitude values.

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Other Formats

You don’t have to worry if your map (longitude and latitude) coordinates aren’t available in a degree format. Our mapping tool is quite intelligent and can work with various formats. In cases such as this, rather than populate two columns, you only need a single column with the heading named Location. Our smart tool will take care of the rest for you.  

The coordinate pairs may be positive or negative, depending on the hemisphere of the coordinates. As with the other format, your latitude is listed first followed by your longitude.

Examples of Other common GPS data formats

Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS): 44°27’37.7237″, ­110°49’41.2950″

Degrees Minutes (DM): 44°27.62873′, ­110°49.68825′

Directional Degrees Minutes (DDM): 44°27.62873’N 110°49.68825’W

There’s a likelihood that your map coordinates will be among the listed ones above but if it isn’t, don’t fret. Just follow the guideline listed above, and you’ll be fine. It’s high time you allowed our smart tool to take the burden off you.