Map Multiple Latitude And Longitude Coordinates

ShowMyMap makes mapping easy and simple. Now you can map thousands of coordinates in just a few short steps. All you really need is your data and our tool. 

Coordinate Mapping

ShowMyMap’s smart tools are designed for ease of use without compromising the quality of results. With ShowMyMap, you can quickly and easily map multiple map coordinates – from tens to hundreds or even thousands of latitudes and longitudes. All it takes are three simple steps!

  1. Open the spreadsheet containing your map coordinates. 
  2. Copy and paste the spreadsheet data into ShowMyMap homepage’s location data box. 
  3. Generate your map by clicking on the “Map Now” button. (You also have the option to “Set and Validate” your data to ensure that all the information is correct and in their proper columns.)

And you’re done!

Coordinate Format Types

Decimal Degrees

Map coordinates in the form of decimal degrees are the most common type. 

A sample decimal degree format looks like this: 44.4604788, ­110.8281375

When pasting these map coordinates into ShowMyMap’s mapping tool, make sure that the latitude and longitude values are in separate columns; the latitude values should always be entered first, and the longitude values second. You can also assign negative or positive values to your latitude and longitude pairs depending on which hemisphere they are found.

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Other Formats

When you can’t get your hands on latitude and longitude coordinates in degree format, ShowMyMap can also work with other formats available. When using formats other than the degree format, you only need to populate a single column with the heading, “Location.”

Again, the coordinate pairs may be negative or positive as determined by their hemisphere. Even when using a single column for all the coordinates, you should still list the latitude first, followed by the longitude.


Examples of Other common GPS data formats

Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS): 44°27’37.7237″, ­110°49’41.2950″

Degrees Minutes (DM): 44°27.62873′, ­110°49.68825′

Directional Degrees Minutes (DDM): 44°27.62873’N 110°49.68825’W


There’s a likelihood that your map coordinates will be among the listed ones above but if it isn’t, don’t fret. Just follow the guideline listed above, and you’ll be fine. It’s high time you allowed our smart tool to take the burden off you.