Custom Google Maps Made Easy With Your Pins.

Showmymap lets you easily map multiple locations on a custom Google map. We use some of the latest technologies plus Google’s Maps API to help you generate your map easily without stress. We make it really easy for you to search and filter your data using advanced techniques and algorithms such as the inverted indexes (one of the technology behind search engines).

How to Quickly Create a Map with Multiple Locations.

Generating a map or maps with thousands of locations from your location data can easily be done in minutes using our tool. Your location data to be mapped can be in the form of GPS coordinates (longitudes and latitudes), zip or postal codes, name of cities, states or countries

Creating your Map is as easy as this.
  1. Copy your data from your spreadsheet and paste it into our location data box.  
  2. Ensure you set the appropriate options (optional).
  3. Make use of the filter functionality to show or hide some content (Optional for advanced maps).
  4. Click “Make Map” to generate your map.
  5. Voila, and you are done!

As you can see, Showmymap makes generating your map using way too easy. With Showmymap, you also get the option to search, filter and group your data easily.