Make the Most of Your Data via Geo-Mapping

You can organize all the data that is relevant to your business in spreadsheet after spreadsheet. The neat rows and columns filled with information about your customers, sales, inventory, suppliers, employers, and more may look efficient and may deliver an impression of productivity and competence; but all the data you have, no matter how organized, can also be overwhelming or even seem like nothing more than a simple list. 


You may be missing out on invaluable information that can help you run your business more smoothly, convert more leads, close more sales, and streamline administrative tasks, among others. ShowMyMap’s advanced mapping technology can help you make the most of your data through geo-mapping. 


ShowMyMap is a map-creation platform that can convert your data into a customized and interactive map that will uncover important information and surprising insights and connections from your compiled facts and figures. Generate a beautiful and detailed map from your raw spreadsheet data within minutes, using ShowMyMap’s intelligent tools.


What is Geo-Mapping and How Does It Work?

Geo-mapping is simply the conversion of location data — such as names, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, demographic information, sales numbers, etc. — into a geographic map. 

Backed by Google Maps’ state-of-the-art mapping technology, ShowMyMap’s software analyzes your location data, converts it into geographic coordinates, and generates a map from it. The customized map will provide you with a unique visualization of your collected information, and reveal trends, opportunities, and other insights that can be beneficial to your business. 

Sales numbers in a spreadsheet, for example, may show you profits and losses and how well your branches or territories are doing. But when these numbers are plotted on a map, you’ll be able to see more clearly where there are opportunities to achieve better numbers and how you can formulate a strategy to improve performance where it is needed based on the more extensive and detailed perspective provided by your map.

How Can Geo-Mapping Benefit Your Business?

Geo-mapping can give you a variety of ways to look at and analyze your data so you can strategize more effectively, improve business performance and productivity, and make your business more competitive. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can reap from a ShowMyMap customized map.


Efficient Management of Your Sales Territories with a Sales Territory Map

Managing a sales team is more than just about ensuring that your team meets monthly targets. Effective team management must also involve keeping each member of your team motivated — and this means making sure that everybody gets their fair share of opportunities. 

With a customized map, you’ll have a clear visualization of your sales territories, which will help you make appropriate territory and accounts assignments amongst your team members. You can customize your map to display territories based on your preferred category, such as by zip codes, area codes, cities, or target demographic densities. 

With your sales territories properly identified, you can start assigning them to your team members. Not only will your team have clearer guidance on each member’s responsibilities, but you will also have a more organized, reliable, and detailed source of customer data, potential leads, and sales performance info. 

Your sales territory map can deliver these additional advantages:

  • Reveal new and potential sales opportunities 
  • Visual comparison of sales and performance amongst different territories
  • Insights into customer behaviors


Maximize Sales Coverage with a Sales Coverage Map

A sales coverage map will help you properly allocate resources where they are needed. Using your customer demographics, i.e., your target customers’ age, gender, profession, etc., your map will show you if you have enough or too many representatives assigned in any particular area. The information will tell you if you need to reorganize your team’s coverage assignments and where you need to fill in gaps in sales coverage. 

You can also share your sales coverage map with a customized data filter — to show only the information you want to share and hide other map data. Share the map with the rest of your team, your clients, or the public; choose your map’s visibility/privacy settings; or embed your map into your website. 


Optimize Sales Performance with a Sales Report Map

Sales numbers organized in a spreadsheet will not reveal anything beyond missing or hitting target goals, profits, losses, and performance trends. When you plot your sales data to create a sales report map, you can discover more valuable insights to help you improve your business. 

Your sales report map can show you:

  • Which areas are delivering targets
  • Which areas are not performing well
  • How each area’s performance compare with the others
  • Individual sales rep’s performances
  • Sales trends and opportunities
  • Potential customers

When you spot areas that are not delivering targets, you can take a closer look to find the problem and formulate the appropriate solution. Have the demographics in these areas changed? Are your target customers flocking to your competitor/s? Once you identify the issue, you can help your team modify their strategy or you may decide to reallocate your resources altogether. 

Likewise, you should analyze the factors that may be contributing to the good performance of your team members in certain areas. Identify customer behaviors and other extrinsic factors influencing the trend, and use the information to your advantage. If there has been an increase in your target demographics, then you may want to assign more resources to these areas and boost your marketing strategies. You should also look for similar patterns in other regions for possible territory expansion. 


Analyze Demographic Data with a Demographic Map

Knowing your customers is key to serving them better and building a solid customer base. ShowMyMap also provides access to demographic data so you can create a customized demographic map that will meet your needs. 

Create your demographic map based on any of the following data, grouped by zip code, county, state, and congressional district: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Population
  • Education
  • Citizenship
  • Profession
  • Income
  • Housing
  • Transportation 

When you create your customized map using your location data, you can add your specified demographic data to identify opportunities or lack thereof. As you analyze your map based on demographic information, you can create better marketing strategies as needed and make other necessary modifications to your business model. 


Plan Your Logistics With an Optimized Route Map

If your business requires the transporting of goods or services or client visits, an optimized route map will help you improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, and reduce costs and labor. 

ShowMyMap’s Direction Optimizer tool will take the guesswork out of your logistics/route planning and give you the fastest route to your destination. Just plot all the key locations and ShowMyMap’s intelligent software will do all the heavy lifting for you; you’ll get the optimized routes between these locations within minutes. 

You’ll be able to utilize your time and resources better with the help of ShowMyMap’s geo-mapping technology.

Create a Geo-Map for Your Business: Here’s How

Creating a customized geo-map for your business is as easy as copying and pasting your spreadsheet data into ShowMyMap’s map-creation tool. Just follow these steps and you’ll generate your interactive map within minutes. 

  1. Copy and paste your spreadsheet data into the map-creation tool; alternatively, you can drag and drop your xls file into the appropriate box. 
  2. Click “Create Map” and follow the prompt to assign relevant fields to your data. 
  3. Choose how to save your map; input your map’s title, your email address, and any notes or descriptions pertaining to your map. 
  4. Click “Save Map.”
  5. Save your map’s URL and view your live map. 

Depending on the ShowMyMap account version you’re using, whether it’s the free or Pro version, you’ll have access to a wide range of customization and editing tools that will provide you many ways to manipulate your map data and derive relevant insights you can use to benefit your business. 


Create a Geo-Map for Your Business Today

An interactive and customized geo-map can give your business a sharper edge and a more advantageous viewpoint by:

  • Delivering a more extensive and detailed visualization of your data
  • Helping you create sales territories for better sales team management
  • Showing you valuable insights on sales distribution and performance
  • Giving you access to relevant demographic information
  • Allowing you to optimize routes for more efficient logistics


Start creating your free geo-map now!