Plot Multiple Locations on A Map

Plotting multiple locations on a map doesn’t have to get you all worked up when you can simply use our mapping software.

To get started, all you have to do is copy your location data from a spreadsheet and paste it into our location data box on our homepage.

Then click on the “Create a New Map” Button. This will open a popup where you can give your map a title, add a few descriptions and enter your email addressorder to save your map.

What Can I Do With Showmymap Mapping Tool?

Find And Map Out Directions Between Multiple Locations:

Our tool allows you to find the best optimal route to take when trying to reach a destination from your present location. And you get to do all these with a few clicks.

Enjoy Google Maps Reliability:

Showmymap makes use of Google Maps engine to plot your location and display your map. There’s virtually no address you can’t find using our tool. All thanks to incorporating Google map robustness.

You also get to enjoy some few perks peculiar to using Google Maps such as been able to plot coordinates using partial addresses, a city or state name, zip codes, and so on.

Grouping and Location Filtering:

With the grouping feature, you get to easily drill down to your areas of interest. Isn’t it great to be able to work your way to the heart of what matters without getting distracted by the noise of other data? With the group feature enabled, finding certain locations and making a connection between your data becomes easier and fun.

Store Locator:

Our location finder works just like any other popular store locator software except for the fact that it uses the addresses that you enter. With a store locator, you can easily find and locate the business or store addresses nearest to you.

Plot Multiple Points for Free

You can create a map containing up to 250 locations for free. Although, they are so many advanced features you might not be able to use until you used the paid version.


Robust, Scalable and Flexible

Our intelligent tool can handle any data sets of any size you throw at it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re mapping 10, 20, 50, 1000, 10,000 or even 100,000 locations, our tool is capable of handling it for you.

Google Maps Reliability

The core part of our tool is powered by Google’s enterprise-level mapping technology, so you can be rest assured of global coverage, world-class tools, and unparalleled performance.  

Display, Print, Embed and Share

Why keep your map to yourself alone when you can share with others to view and use?  Showmymap makes it super easy to share your created or edited map. You also get to decide what stayed hidden and what you want to be displayed on your map.  

Map Customization

You get full control over your map and get to customize it to suit your taste or based on your immediate preference or that of your audience. Here are a few things you do with our tool as far as customizing your map is concerned.

  • Customize your map markers.
  • Set map default opening view of your preferred view.
  • Choose from various available map styles.

We know how much our users love to be in control of whatever they do, which is why we put in a lot of effort to ensure you get access to all of the customization and editing tools you’ll ever need to create a beautiful, customized map.  An interactive map that can be used to communicate your story and messages effortlessly.

Smart, Powerful, and Intuitive

If there’s a single reason why you need to use the  Showmymap mapping tool, it would be because of its intelligence and intuitiveness. We make it easy to work our tool. There’s no need to go through a 10-page how-to manual in order to use our tool. What’s more, you need zero coding skill to get started and create your first map.

Plot Points On Map Google Maps

Plotting multiple location or points on Google Maps shouldn’t have to be a painstaking task. Nope, not with using  Showmymap.  

From the process of geocoding and displaying your addresses on a map to sharing it with everyone (public) or to only a certain set of individuals (private), we’ve got you covered. And no, you don’t have to write a line of code or learn how to write one. We eliminate the daunting process and leave you with only the beautiful part for you to enjoy.

Showmymap allows you to plot addresses on a map in a few simple moves. Yes, you read that right. In a matter of minutes, you will get to find out that there’s nothing to fear as mapping your location and performing some analytics is concerned.

Want to plot some points on a map and thinking of giving  Showmymap a trial? Great. Here, our High-Five. We’ve also made the process super easy for you. Here’s what to you need to do.

  • Copy the content from the spreadsheet holding your location data and paste it into our location data box.
  • Validate your data using the “Validate and Set Option” function (Optional)
  • Use the Advanced feature in the “Validate and Set” to further customize your map (Optional)
  • Click on “Map Now” to start the intelligent geocoding of your addresses.  
  • Enter a map title, a description (optional) and your email address inside the popup box that appears after clicking on “Map Now.’
  • Click on the “Save Map” button

And that’s it. You just created an interactive map. And believe us when we tell you there’s so much you can do and achieve using our tool.

Are you feeling excited yet? You should be cos we’re about taking you through the steps involved in plotting multiple points on a map.  Want to learn more?

Here’s How It Works.

Our mapping tool is quite an intelligent one. Feed it with your map coordinates or addresses and get ready to wowed by the awesome map it will spew out for you.

Having our smart mapping tool with you is similar to having an expert guide, and friendly personal assistant merged into a single entity that can help you perform various tasks. Tasks such as plotting points on Google maps, calculating the distance between locations, evaluating and optimizing destination routes, and so on.

Our maps are cloud-based and powered with the sheer strength of Google Maps, which is super cool by the way. Whenever you use our mapping tool, you can be assured that they’ll never be found missing as you have the backup on our server, which is easily retrievable with just a few clicks.  You can access your created maps from any device and share with others easily.

What’s more, the various kind of tools and features available to you on  Showmymap lets you access and gain a deeper insight into your data that would have otherwise been locked away, hidden in the deeper section of your data.

Getting Intimate With Some of Our Tools

Trust us on this when we tell you that you’ll come to love, appreciate and become fond of our lovely tools and features. We only asked you don’t get addicted once you see how valuable they are and how much you’ve been missing on.

Showmymap’s capacity extends way beyond the ability to geocode addresses and plot them (locations) on a map. We ultimately believe that what you do with your map at the end of the day is what counts, which is why we make sure you’ve got all the tools you need to gain the insights you need.  

Our Suite Of Tools Includes Some Of The Following Features:

Drive Time Polygon

Knowing how far a location is from another location on your map is quite easy using the radius or drive time polygon tool. These tools help you to identify and estimate the proximity between two or more locations from a point easily.  

This amazing handy tool can be used for a lot of things such as checking the distance between your establishment and your competitors, suppliers, customers and so on.

Optimize Route.

You can’t argue the fact that Google Maps navigation feature has become quite indispensable to the majority of us especially when commuting.   Showmymap takes this feature to the next level by allowing to plot points on Google Maps and optimizing your route between them.


Being able to change virtually all elements associated with your map is one reason why a lot of people use  Showmymap.  Showmymap allows you to easily change the look of your map by customizing every possible element there is to give your map the kind of feel you want.

You can easily change the design of the markers on your map, the colors of any highlighted areas of interest, the opacity, the boundary sizes, and so on.

To get a much better idea of what you can achieve using our tool, let’s use two fictional characters – Nerdia and Kennedy.

Oops... Guess, it’s story time now!

Meet Nerdia

She works as a location manager in the film industry.

Nerdia’s job requires her to depend heavily on the use of Google maps. She has to plot several points on Google Maps to enable her to organize the logistics of various upcoming shoot, keeping the crew abreast of the locations for shooting and how to get there, and getting permission from the city of interest for shooting in specific locations.

As you can see, Nerdia doesn’t have a location or two to contend with but has to deal with multiple maps which could sometimes number in the hundred. She also has to share all the necessary information with her crew members to ensure everything goes right. The last thing Nerdia would want is for the shoot to fail because she couldn’t plot all the points (locations for shooting) on the map talk less of sharing it.

Before discovering  Showmymap, Nerdia was used to sitting up late, desperately looking for and manually formulating the location data she will use in generating a map. Sometimes she had to resort to the good ol’  paper, pen and scissors when everything else fails, and that includes Excel and online mapping platforms with limited features. As you can guess, she has to deal with a lot of stress and frustration every time which she obviously carries along into her interaction with others.

And then she discovered Showmymap.

With Showmymap, she not only can plot her locations on a map with ease, but also get to access and use various powerful tools to help perform analytics and gain insights. Now, she can display distances, outlines the areas where the base camps would be, and uses the drawing tool to highlight important spots that are of interest.

And it doesn’t end there. With  Showmymap, she also gets to share her maps with the people on her need-to-know list, print an enlarged version for viewing in the production office, and include one on their daily call sheet.

The crew has started to notice how happy and efficient Nerdia is and how she had made life much way easier for them. Everyone appreciates and begins to give her the much-needed respect she deserves.

Meet Kennedy

Kennedy’s is a consultant whose job in a growing startup is to search for new opportunities.

Before he got to know  Showmymap, a typical day for Kennedy involves going out to find new prospects and promising marketing location for his company, after which, he would have to plot the locations on Google Maps individually.

Apart from being stressful, Kennedy has to find the shortest route to get to those addresses when the need to visit the area arises.  

Then Showmymapentered his life.

Unlike before, Kennedy now uses the OPTIMIZE function on the Direction Tool, which helps locate the most efficient route between the addresses he plotted.

Kennedy was also able to use the grouping feature available in 
Showmymap to quickly identify areas that pose a threat (high competition) or opportunities (low competition) for his company after plotting his competitor’s location.

Kennedy gets to spend more time with his lovely family, and get praised at work. All with the help of  Showmymap.  

Start Mapping Your Locations From Today!

You don’t need to enter your credit card to use our mapping tool.  All you need is some location data to plot, your curiosity and a passion to get to the root of things.