Interactive Mapping Software

Make a great lasting impression on your presentation day using our interactive map that comes with powerful analytic features. Get valuable, useful insights from your raw data by turning them into a visual, interactive map that you can use to engage, inform and educate your audience with our mapping tool.

Transform Your Data into an Interactive Maps in Minutes

Turning your location data into an interactive map is quite easy than you think using our smart mapping tool. With Showmymap, you get to take as much as 100, 000 addresses and turn them into an interactive map.

Lots of Customization features

Showmymap provides various customization features to help you customize your map to your preferred taste. We also make sharing your map easy; you can share your map privately with selected individuals or with everyone (publicly) to the web.

Embedding a map on your site is quite easy too with just a few clicks; copy and paste the generated code available in the edit map link.   

How to Create an Interactive Map

Copy your location data from your spreadsheet

Paste the location data into the location data box provided on the homepage

Validate your data using the “Set and Validate’ button (Optional)

Click on Create Map

Give your map a title and add some description

Enter your email address to receive the “edit map” link

Click on Save Map

Start using your Interactive Map!!

What can I do with Interactive Mapping Software?

Showmymap provides varieties of tools and features for customizing your map or performing various analytics. With a few simple clicks, you can change what can be seen or hidden on your map, how your data is viewed and how you interact with it.

  • Interacting with your Map– The Showmymap tool comes with all the features you would expect from a modern, intelligent mapping application. You can easily move the map with a simple click and drag of the mouse or by double-clicking to zoom in on an area of interest. To get more details about a location, click on its marker to pop up more details.  
  • Filter the Data on Your Map: Showmymap mapping tool comes with a powerful grouping and filtering feature that help you unlock hidden valuable insights from your data.
  • Store Locator and Directions: Easily pinpoint your location and find the various businesses and store closest to your location. You can also use the store finder to get direction from a location to another.
  • The Power of Google Maps: Showmymap makes use of the Google Map API with a similar layout to operate with. This means you get to work with what you’re familiar with already.

Why Use Showmymap Mapping Tool?

Work With Any Dataset Size

It makes no difference if you’ve got a hundred location, a thousand, a hundred thousand or just a few locations, our smart tool can handle anything you throw at it.

Google Map Reliability

Showmymap is powered by Google’s enterprise-level mapping technology, which means you get an unmatched performance with world-class tools, and expect global coverage.

Display, Print, Embed and Share

With Showmymap, you get to decide how you want to display your map; what you want hidden or shown. You also decide when sharing your map, who gets to see your map and who doesn’t; maps can be shared privately with a certain group of people, published publicly to the web where everyone can view it, embedded within a webpage using simple HTML code, or printed.

Map Customization

Any maps created using the Showmymap mapping tool can be fully customized to meet your needs or that of your audience. Be it a small or large business organization, and there’s so much you can achieve using our tool.  Here are a few things you can do with our intelligent tool

  • Customize map markers
  • Set or change the default opening view of a map
  • Select from a wide variety of map styles
Powerful Map Tools

As a user, you get full access to all of our customization and editing tools needed to transform your data into a beautiful map with full customizable properties. Creating a map using our tool makes it easy to discover insights and communicate your ideas and stories to educate, inform or persuade others.

Easy, Powerful, and Intuitive

Our robust software was designed with ease and convenience in mind, which is why anyone with any skill level can use our mapping tool without difficulty. Have no programming skill? Don’t fret. You need zero coding skill to enjoy our mapping tool.

Create Interactive Maps

There was a time when being able to visualize a data in the form of a map was sort of a big deal and was “enough” to communicate to grab the attention of your audience. Well not anymore. People want more than data visualization; they want to be able to unleash the powerful hidden insights locked deep and hidden in their data.

Our interactive map software helps you to transform your raw location data into a responsive and interactive tool for analysis and presentation. Employ the use of our mapping software in your team’s daily operations and get things done faster.

Use our tool to impress your clients with your interactive visual content, gain and communicate insight from your spreadsheet data.

You see, the beauty of using our interactive map software comes from the high level of interaction you get to enjoy compared to the usual static visualization that’s peculiar to a lot of analytics.

No one wants to stare at an information sheet or static image that offers nothing new or help discover new insights any longer, which is why you can’t go wrong using our mapping software.

Cloud-Based Solution – Access Your Map From Any Device, Anywhere at Any Time. Everything you need to use your interactive map software is on the cloud. You only need an internet-enabled device to access your map, create or view one.

You can use Showmymap in the following ways:

  • Engage and Communicate your visualized data with your collaborators
  • Unravel, gain and share insights from your data with a group of people
  • Extrapolate data and identify opportunities

Why not get intimate with our software and you see just how much knowledge and insight you’ve been missing on. You can create your first map without signing up (if your data contains less than 250 rows)

Uploading your location data into our mapping tool is quite simple.  If you have a spreadsheet containing your location data with you, all you have to do is to open your spreadsheet, copy the content and paste it into our location data box.

Our interactive mapping software is smart and highly intuitive. The learning curve is very short and easy; you can become an expert in less than a day. There’s no advanced technical skill required or having to code and debug countless of hours. We take away all the pain and leave you with only the gain. Ain’t we just great?

On our website, what you get to do with your map is entirely up to you. You can choose to

Create and share a new map with everyone or a selected group of people

Perform groupings on your map to help you filter your data to gain new insight.

Create a new heat map and splice.

Calculate distances between various locations.

Get and Optimize directions.

The Power Of Interactive Google Map Capabilities

Everything you’ve come to love on Google interactive maps is available on our interactive map software. From the ability to zoom in and out on a place of interest, get directions, change views, and so much more. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you the best of two worlds; a combination of what’s available on Google Maps plus our smart proprietary features.

Here are some of the features you can use to give your maps superior powers of interactivity.

Awesome filtering tools:

Showmymap allows you to group and filter your data based on your need. This ensures you get to the nitty-gritty quicker without being drowned in the noise of other irrelevant needs.

Direction Optimizer:

take the guesswork out and stop taking a stab in the dark. Use our interactive map to locate and map the fastest route to your destination easily.

Store Locator:

Add a store locator on a map embed on your website to help your customer find you easily. Don’t give your potential customer an excuse not to do business with you. Our mapping tool makes it super easy for your customers and ideal prospect to find you effortlessly.

Heat Maps:

Show area density. Customize area density using different colors.

Drive time polygon:

Visualize and calculate driving distances to and from selected destinations.

Data Export:

With just a few clicks, you can easily export your data as a spreadsheet.


Our tool makes it really really super dopey easy for you to personalize your map in such a way that anyone who views your map will immediately have an inkling to who could have created such map. And it’s all thanks to the high level of customization features present in our tool. From the kind of view you pick, the images you use for your location markers, type of color combo used to the kind of shape used as borders, the power is all in your hands,

Create Interactive Map Presentations Today.

We know you can’t wait to see what you can get from some of your old spreadsheet that has been gathering dust in your system folder you probably can’t remember its name any longer.  

We also can’t wait for you to fire up our mapping software and see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on. You’ll be amazed when you find out. Let’s just say it would open a new world of discovery for you.   

Data no longer have to look like rows and columns of unfathomable figures and unintelligible words that seems to be made for a data scientist. Let your data speak to you in ways you’d never imagine or yet have an amazing conversation with your data with the help of our interactive map.

Showmymap mapping software is the best tool out there and your best choice when it comes to making sense out of a geographic data. Need a tool for your presentation or to analyze your geographic data? Why don’t you give our intelligent mapping tool a try? We promise you won’t get disappointed addicted.