Maptive vs ShowMyMap

Geo-mapping software has made generating customized maps as easy as copying and pasting raw location spreadsheet data into a map-making tool, such as ShowMyMap and Maptive. Both of these platforms make use of Google Maps’ cutting-edge API and deliver detailed, interactive maps that can be manipulated, edited, and customized to suit almost any purpose and provide amazing insights. 


You don’t have to know how to write code or learn complex Excel functions to create a customized map for your website, a business presentation, a journalistic research, logistics management, or a road trip. All you’ll need is location data organized in a spreadsheet and a map-creation platform, and you can have a professional-looking map that you can use to analyze customer behaviors, manage a sales territory, or map out routes. Here are two of the most reliable platforms on the internet: Maptive vs ShowMyMap.



Maptive promotes itself as a “mapping software for every professional.” Its powerful and feature-rich mapping tools can generate a custom Google map from spreadsheet data in minutes, as well as uncover relevant information and opportunities within your map data. 

Maptive’s key features include:

  • Intuitive design which simplifies Geographic Information System (GIS) technology through powerful map tools and cloud- and web-based solutions.  
  • Powerful map tools that do the heavy lifting when it comes to plotting up to hundreds of thousands of locations, analyzing map data, generating optimized routes, and creating heat maps.
  • Wide range of customizations that allow users to personalize maps and create impressive data visualizations to suit a variety of purposes, such as for internal analysis, for presentations, as a functional website feature, or for sharing with others. Customization options include:
    • Using uploaded branded images for map makers, or any of the 20+ customizable built-in options
    • Choosing a default starting zoom level and map position
    • Selecting a base map style
  • Share, print, embed, and/or display options
  • Reliable performance supported by Google Maps’ technology. 
  • High-level, built-in security that includes:
    • Powerful encryption
    • Redundant backup and recovery
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Full permission-level control
    • Password requirements
    • Cloudfare endpoint protection

Maptive’s Mapping Tools are specially designed for sales mapping, sales analyses, and enhanced productivity, and allow users to:

  • Generate optimized routes using up to 73 locations and export turn-by-turn navigation to be used in the field/on the road
  • Specify a radius anywhere within the map and export the radius data or add the identified locations to route optimization and directions tool
  • Customize markers according to preferred categories
  • Use census data to create demographic maps
  • Generate presentation-ready heat maps that highlight marker densities, sales volumes, or any other relevant demographic data that can be used for analysis
  • Directly add elements and/or information to your map, such as text, labels, icons, lines, arrows, bubbles, or images, using the Drawing Tool
  • Create a polygon map based on a specified drive time and starting point


ShowMyMap’s “creative interactive maps” come with powerful analytic features that allow users to uncover valuable insights, make highly engaging and informative presentations, and customize and manipulate map data for whatever purpose you need to use your map. 

With the support of Google Maps’ advanced mapping technology, ShowMyMap ensures first-rate performance and intelligent tools. The platform utilizes a straightforward and intuitive process to help anybody of any skill level to generate a customized, interactive map in minutes using raw location data. 

ShowMyMap’s features include:

  • Easy, powerful, and intuitive features that allow anyone to create professional-looking and detailed maps — with zero coding knowledge required.
  • Powerful and intelligent customization and editing tools that can convert data into a beautiful and informative map that provides more than the basic geographic information, but also insightful and invaluable analyses of available map information. 
  • Fully customizable maps to suit your purposes; customize map markers, default map view, and map styles, among many others. 
  • Display, print, embed, and share options: 
    • Choose which details you want hidden and which ones you want shown
    • Select your map’s visibility/privacy settings
    • Print your map
    • Embed your map into your website using a simple HTML code
    • Export your map 

ShowMyMap’s interactive maps may also feature any of the following, depending on whether you’re using the free or Pro version:

  • Heat Maps
  • Data Export options: PDF, KML, Image, and Print
  • Drive Time Polygon
  • Filtering Tools
  • Store Locator
  • Direction Optimizer
  • Faster geocoding rates
  • Thousands of pins per map
  • Data selection and optimization tools
  • A higher monthly geocoding maximum
  • Unlimited number of maps
  • Password-protected maps
  • Label pins


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