Top 5 Best Places To Fish In Canada

It has been said that a bad day of fishing is better than a great day at the office. Fishing is one of the best ways to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply relax and return to nature. Grab your rod and reel (or fly, depending on your taste), and head to one of these beautiful gifts Canada has to offer:

5. Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

While it might be a bit of a journey for most of us to get there, the travel is worth it once you realize you have arrived at North America’s sixth-deepest lake, which is home to an abundant supply of fish ready and willing to bite. This lake boasts record-breaking trout as well as northern pike if you’re feeling up to a challenge, as well as a selection of fishing lodges at which to stay for the duration of your fishing adventure, including the world-known Plummer’s Arctic Lodges.



4. Big River, Newfoundland

If you desire something East Coast that is a bit more easy-access but not short on the fish supply, look into Big River. This aptly named river is home to a booming salmon population, seeing as it is in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. While there is a catch and release policy, the challenge of salmon as well as the many game-hunting opportunities are major pros for this area.

3. Kispiox River, British Columbia

For those who enjoy river fishing, few places are more breathtakingly gorgeous than the Kispiox River, a tributary of the Skeena River, located in mid-British Columbia. This location is also prime for the salmon fisher, as it boasts an impressive population of Steelhead salmon, which run through late November. The average catch is said to weigh in around thirteen pounds, however fish as large as thirty pounds are caught in the Kispiox as well. If you are looking for renowned fishing lodges, the Bear Claw is located near by, which is a beautiful cabin-esque structure with private rooms over-looking the mighty Kispiox.

2. The Bow River, Alberta

The stunning beauty of Banff National Park, located in the province of Alberta, should be reason enough to travel to the Bow River. The Upper Bow River is world-renown for it’s bountiful population of brown trout that have been known to reach up to 10 pounds and beyond. There are also cutthroat trout, brook, and bull trout coursing through the river. The North Bow Lodge is a premier fishing lodge, long known to avid fly fisherman for it’s full-service lodging and prime location. The beautiful town of Banff is also nearby.

1. Whale Channel, British Columbia

With an expert staff and prime fishing locations available, a trip to the gorgeous and rustic fishing lodge at Whale Channel will provide you with fishing success. The salmon are plentiful, and the guides ensure that they get landed. Aside from salmon, there are halibut, cod, and other salt-water fish to bag and bring home. The scenery alone is breathtaking, the food and services provided by the lodge are top of the line, and the overall experience is comprehensively unbeatable.

Victoria enjoys the outdoors, including mountaineering, fishing, skiing, hiking and exploring the beautiful nature of British Columbia. She’s currently working with West Coast Resorts on Vancouver Island.